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Agriculture-related industry

Agribusiness is the business of agricultural production which involves the production, protection, sales and marketing of the product to satisfy the customers need. The term is a portmanteau of agriculture and business and was coined in 1957 by John Davis and Ray Goldberg.[1] It includes agrichemicals, breeding, crop production (farming or contract farming), distribution, farm machinery, processing, and seed supply, as well as marketing and retail sales. All agents of the food and fiber value chain and those institutions that influence it are part of the agribusiness system.

Within the agriculture

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Top SPAC Merger News This Week: 10 Red-Hot SPACs to Watch

Editor’s Note: This article was updated on Jan. 25, 2021, to correct the current ticker for Queen’s Gambit.

The week may be winding down, but it seems like SPAC merger news continues to heat up.

"Going Public" is displayed in white text on a digital ticker tape.

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In fact, this week brought major moves in more than ten special purpose acquisition companies. For investors less familiar with this world, SPACs are public companies that merge with private companies. Essentially, SPACs help private businesses avoid the IPO process. Importantly, following the pandemic selloff in March, investors have had a huge appetite for new offerings. That means SPAC mergers have dominated the

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LG Considering Exit From Smartphone Business, Halts LCD Production for iPhone

LG is considering exiting the smartphone business entirely amid declining shipments and accrued losses of $4.5 billion over the past five years (via The Korea Herald).

lg wing

LG CEO Kwon Bong-Seok cautioned staff earlier today that the company is re-evaluating its presence in the smartphone industry:

Since the competition in the global market for mobile devices is getting fiercer, it is about time for LG to make a cold judgment and the best choice. The company is considering all possible measures, including sale, withdrawal and downsizing of the smartphone business.

He added that regardless of any change, the company will

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Billionaire investor Howard Marks compares gold’s value to a ‘superstition’ and criticizes taxes on unrealized gains

Howard Marks

  • Howard Marks expressed skepticism about gold and taxes on unrealized gains this week.
  • Gold’s value is “almost like a superstition,” the billionaire investor told CNBC.
  • The Oaktree Capital boss said taxes on unrealized gains are impractical and could deter investing.
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Billionaire investor Howard Marks questioned gold’s worth and criticized the idea of taxing investors’ unrealized gains in a CNBC interview this week.

The Oaktree Capital Management cofounder said the yellow metal’s value is “almost like a superstition,” as it depends on people believing it’s worth something.


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Production and Sandbox Environments – Business Central

Production environments

Production environments are meant to be precisely that: Environments that a business can run their daily business in Business Central in, deployed on performance tiers in Azure with a guaranteed high level of availability and support.

Production environments are backed up automatically and frequently to help protect business data. For more information, see How often are production databases backed up?.

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