Month: September 2020

Premarket stocks: What would a contested US election mean for investors?

What’s happening: Trump failed to commit on Wednesday to a peaceful transition of power after Election Day, fueling concerns he may not relinquish his office should he lose in November.

“Well, we’re going to have to see what happens,” Trump said.

Why it matters: The political and democratic implications of such a comment merit their own debate. For Wall Street, however, it feeds fears that a contested election result and a potential constitutional crisis could spark weeks of uncertainty at a delicate moment for markets.

Though they’re still up dramatically from March lows, stocks have been shaky this week. … Read more

Mark Mobius interview: investing strategy, top global stock picks

  • Mark Mobius, a legendary emerging-markets pioneer, examines a company’s return on capital, level of debt, and ability to improve earnings per share in dollar terms before scooping up undervalued stocks. 
  • Since founding his eponymous investment firm, he has started to engage with companies’ management to work on improving their corporate governance.
  • In an exclusive interview, the 84-year-old veteran investor, who has been dubbed the “Indiana Jones of emerging-markets investing,” shared his top stock picks in far-flung markets and most interesting due-diligence trips. 
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Mark Mobius was in South Africa when COVID-19 swept through

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Buy and Sell Soccer Predictions, Free Tips and Picks

date event 1 X 2 league

2.22|2020-09-21, 07:08:24
2.23|2020-09-21, 08:36:19
2.18|2020-09-21, 15:50:30

3.15|2020-09-21, 07:08:24
3.20|2020-09-21, 08:36:19
3.05|2020-09-21, 15:50:30

2.80|2020-09-21, 07:08:24
2.70|2020-09-21, 08:36:19
3.05|2020-09-21, 15:50:30

21-09, 20:45 Racing Club Mdeo. – CD Villa Espanola 2.18 3.05 3.05 | Uruguay Segunda Division

1.73|2020-09-20, 07:49:45
1.74|2020-09-20, 22:21:36
1.72|2020-09-21, 07:08:24
1.74|2020-09-21, 15:50:30

3.60|2020-09-20, 07:49:45
3.65|2020-09-20, 22:21:36

3.80|2020-09-20, 07:49:45
3.90|2020-09-21, 07:08:24
3.85|2020-09-21, 15:50:30

21-09, 21:00 Vikingur Reykjavik – HK Kopavogs 1.74 3.65 3.85 | Iceland Urvalsdeild

2.46|2020-09-21, 08:36:19
1.97|2020-09-21, 15:50:30

2.95|2020-09-21, 08:36:19
3.15|2020-09-21, 15:50:30

2.60|2020-09-21, 08:36:19
3.55|2020-09-21, 15:50:30

21-09, 21:00 CD Independiente Juniors – Fuerza Amarilla
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Investors could be overplaying the election as a lasting driver of the stock market, history shows

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to reporters during a news conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington, September 18, 2020.

Kevin Lamarque | Reuters

The presidential election is the next known major event ahead of the Wall Street. Investment strategists are busy pushing out political playbooks, most of them starting with something like, “Clients continue to ask us about the implications of the election…” It’s the top-of-mind risk factor cited, a universal excuse for predicting autumnal volatility.

In other words, everyone is likely overplaying the election as a crucial or lasting driver of the

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Understanding Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are investment methods that allow traders in Singapore to combine their funds with other investors. They can then use the money to buy several bonds, stocks, and other assets that individual investors would have difficulties creating. This collection is known as a portfolio. 

The mutual fund rate (net asset value) depends on the value of the securities in the portfolio divided by the amount of the fund’s outstanding shares. This price changes depending on the value of assets the portfolio holds at the end of every business day. Remember, mutual fund investors in Singapore do not … Read more