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Date News item 23 December Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 36KB) 21 December Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 52KB) 17 December Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 35KB) 16 December Barclays announces sale of Risk Analytics and Index Solutions business to Bloomberg (PDF 67KB) 11 December Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 35KB) 10 December
Additional Listing (PDF 62KB) 3 December Barclays announces further Non-Core disposals (PDF 58KB) 1 December

Total Voting Rights (PDF 33KB)

Barclays passes 2015 BoE stress test (PDF 86KB)

24 November

Barclays EBA templates in GBP (PDF 811KB)

Barclays EBA templates in EUR (PDF 884KB)

20 November
Holding in Company (PDF 18KB) 18 November Settlement with New York State Department of Financial Services regarding foreign exchange electronic trading (PDF 35KB) 12 November Scrip Dividend Reference Share Price (PDF 50KB) 9 November

Publication of Supplemental Trust Deed (PDF 89KB)

Results of meetings of certain Covered Bondholders (PDF 36KB)

Appointment of Sir Gerry Grimstone (PDF 46KB)

5 November Jes Staley Barclays share purchase (PDF 29KB) 2 November

Proposed acquisition of Visa Europe Limited by Visa Inc. (PDF 137KB)

Total Voting Rights at 31 October 2015 (PDF 33KB)

30 October Publication of Prospectus Supplement (PDF 42KB) 29 October Barclays plc Q3 2015 Results Announcement (PDF 1.1MB) 28 October James E. Staley appointed as Group Chief Executive (PDF 166KB) 27 October Notice to Covered Bondholders (PDF 12KB) 19 October Barclays settles certain RMBS securities claims (PDF 44KB) 13 October Barclays announcement regarding press speculation (PDF 37KB) 1 October

Total Voting Rights – Replacement (PDF 34KB)

Total Voting Rights (PDF 37KB)

Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 44KB)

29 September Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 30KB) 28 September Notice of Redemption of Notes (PDF 24KB) 24 September Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 34KB) 23 September Additional Listing (PDF 45KB) 18 September Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 123KB) 15 September Director Shareholding September Dividend (PDF 32KB) 14 September
Irene McDermott Brown to Step Down as Barclays Group HR Director (PDF 34KB) 11 September Additional Listing (PDF 45KB) 10 September Final terms of issue of EUR100m 3 year FRNs (PDF 345KB) 7 September Barclays announces sale of UK Secured Lending business (PDF 356KB) 3 September Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 246KB) 2 September Barclays announces further Non-Core disposals (PDF 73KB) 1 September Total Voting Rights (PDF 621KB) 13 August

Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 34KB)

Scrip dividend reference share price (PDF 33KB)

7 August Holding(s) in Company (PDF 45KB) 6 August
Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 33KB) 5 August
Barclays Publication of Base Prospectus (PDF 23KB) 3 August Total Voting Rights (PDF 37KB) 31 July Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 341KB) 29 July

2015 Interim Results Management Speeches (PDF 47KB)

Barclays plc 2015 Interim Results (PDF 1.8MB)

17 July Notice to Covered Bondholders (PDF 91KB) 16 July

Block listing Six Monthly Return (PDF 11KB)

Statement re: Sir Michael Rake (PDF 35KB)

8 July

Notice to Covered Bondholders (PDF 11KB)

John McFarlane to become Executive Chairman (PDF 60KB)

3 July Result of audit tender (PDF 32KB) 1 July

Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 43KB)

Total Voting Rights (PDF 32KB)

26 June Amendments to Entercard Joint Venture (PDF 54KB) 25 June

Barclays Bank PLC – Notice under the UK Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 (PDF 109KB)

Diane Schueneman appointed as non-executive Director (PDF 37KB)

16 June
Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 104KB) 12 June Additional Listing of Scrip Shares (PDF 55KB) 11 June
Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 611KB) 8 June Agreement to sell Wealth and Investment Management, Americas, franchise to Stifel (PDF 57KB) 5 June Barclays Settles Lehman Brothers Inc. Acquisition Litigation (PDF 55KB) 1 June

Redemption of notes and cancellation of listing (PDF 32KB)

Total voting rights and capital (PDF 301KB)

27 May Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 45KB) 20 May
Barclays announces Foreign Exchange and ISDAfix settlements (PDF 97KB) 14 May Scrip reference share price (PDF 23KB) 12 May Val Soranno Keating to step down as Barclaycard CEO (PDF 61KB) 8 May Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 71KB) 1 May Total voting rights and capital (PDF 89KB) 30 April Barclays 2014 Global Systemically Important Institutions (G-SIIs) data disclosure (PDF 1MB) 29 April Barclays plc Q1 2015 Interim Management Statement (PDF 647KB) 23 April

AGM Poll results (PDF 65KB)

AGM statements and incoming Chairman’s message (PDF 123KB)

10 April Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 43KB) 7 April Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 35KB) 1 April

Total voting rights and capital (PDF 87KB)

Scrip Dividend Share Issue (PDF 121KB)

30 March
Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 419KB) 24 March Antony Jenkins speaking at an investor conference in London (PDF 32KB) 20 March
Notice of 2015 AGM (PDF 62KB) 17 March

Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 68KB)

Scrip reference share price (PDF 70KB)

11 March Holding(s) in Company (PDF 31KB) 10 March Director PDMR Shareholding (PDF 64KB) 6 March Block Listing (PDF 53KB) 4 March Annual Report on Form 20-F (PDF 67KB) 3 March

Barclays plc 2014 Full Year Results (PDF 944KB)

Annual Financial Report (PDF 200KB)

2 March Total voting rights and capital (PDF 62KB) 2 February Total voting rights and capital (PDF 45KB) 26 January Holding(s) in Company (PDF 19KB) 14 January Barclays appoints Group Chief Operating Officer (PDF 69KB) 13 January Block Listing Six Monthly Return (PDF 88KB) 8 January Publication of Base Prospectus Supplement (PDF 142KB) 2 January

Total voting rights and capital (PDF 62KB)

Barclays completes sale of Spanish Businesses to CaixaBank (PDF 33KB)