Buy and sell used stuff in the United States

We created letgo to help make secondhand buying and selling second nature by making it quicker, simpler, and more fun – and with over 100 million downloads and hundreds of millions of listings, letgo is the biggest and fastest growing app for buying and selling locally. Because listing what you don’t need with the snap of a photo and finding what you want right in your own neighborhood doesn’t just help you buy and sell more – it helps you live more. (Plus, it’s free. Free is good.) Selling on letgo is effortless, making it easy to post free classified ads and browse used goods for sale near you.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for less stuff and more living. It’s time to live and letgo.

Post in a snap

Selling something should be as painless as it was to buy it in the first place. We balance advanced tech with intuitive design, so letgo’s got it where it counts and selling feels totally effortless. Post your listing for free on the letgo marketplace to get it in front of buyers near you. Use letgo’s in-app online chat to negotiate with buyers and make deals.

If you haven’t used it in the last year and forgot you even owned it, you probably won’t use it ever again. Take a picture of it, post it on letgo and see how good it feels to make your first sale on letgo. And your second. And your third.

Find whatever you need

There’s a secret economy right in your neighborhood, and letgo is your ticket in. Find deals on whatever you need all locally on letgo: from electronics and cars to furniture and fashion, thousands of classified ads are posted every day so you can find and buy exactly what you’re looking for.

Filter by location down to stuff that’s within a mile. Sort by category or price. Search for cars by make, model, and mileage. Why not take a peek and see what you can find? You never know what might be available right around the corner. Literally.

More than an app

letgo is an Android and iOS app first and foremost, but that’s not it! Different strokes for different folks, so you can also use our website to buy and sell, if that’s what you prefer. Log in to the site to post online classifieds, search for secondhand items, or connect with buyers and sellers in your neighborhood through chat.

Buy and sell safely

We know that letgo makes it easier than ever to find great deals in your neighborhood. And we love that! (It’s literally why we exist.) But we’re also dedicated to making sure our marketplace isn’t just easy to use, but easy to use safely. That’s why we offer features like user verification and in-app chat so you can connect with confidence.

Listing the things you don’t need and finding deals on what you want right in your neighborhood helps you get the most out of your stuff and out of life, and we’re committed to making it fun, easy, and safe for you to live and letgo.

Why secondhand

We’re changing our relationship with stuff. Because happiness isn’t about having MORE stuff – it’s about having the RIGHT stuff. It’s about turning something that you no longer use into money. And that can become pretty much anything.

We’re unlocking a secret economy where sellers can feel the freedom of letting go and buyers can get the things they thought they couldn’t afford. We’re making it easier for people to get the things they need to start living the life they want, and we’re helping reduce waste in a way that we like to think may even help the world.

Take a good look at the things you own that no longer bring joy and ask yourself: what would you turn them into? Sure, thanking your old things for their service and tossing them feels liberating – but when you live and letgo by selling them to someone who’ll really love them, everybody wins!

So go ahead – don’t just let go of the things you don’t use. Live and letgo, and turn that stuff into living!