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29 things you can make money from selling right now

Unsure what to sell? You don’t need to resort to auctioning off your much-loved items – here’s how to make decent money from selling things you never even knew were valuable…

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The saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ is never more true than when selling stuff online. As our handy list proves, you really can make money from buying and selling low-price, everyday items and even things that you might otherwise throw away.

While rarer items will bring in the highest bids on sites like eBay,

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How to Buy and Sell Secondhand During COVID-19

From online marketplaces to no-contact yard sales, these tips and tricks will keep bargain hunters safe this summer—and help them save money.

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Buy, sell and donate during the pandemic

If there’s anything that will inspire a person to clean the excess junk out of their home, it’s being trapped inside it for months on end. The question is what to do with it all.

Donating your used clothing, books, and kitchenware to a thrift store or charity is a good idea—in theory. It can help people in need save money, it’s good for the planet to reuse, and

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College 101: Tips on How to Buy and Sell a House at the Same Time

The housing market isn’t always easy to navigate, especially if you need to buy and sell a house at the same time—but it is doable! You have to consider the timing in which you’ll be purchasing a new home while selling your current one, but with a stroke of luck, you’ll be successful. Keep reading for some advice on selling your house and buying a new one. 

Stick to One Strategy

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The first thing you’ll need to decide is whether to sell your home or purchase a new house first. There are lots of things

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When to Buy a Stock and When to Sell a Stock: 5 Tips

For investors, finding a stock to buy can be one of the most fun and rewarding activities. It can also be quite lucrative – provided you end up buying a stock that increases in price. But when are you supposed to actually go in and buy shares? Below are five tips to help you identify when to purchase stocks so that you have a good chance of making money from those stocks.

Key Takeaways

  • As with many things, timing is everything when it comes to trading and investing in the markets.
  • Analyzing when to a buy a stock can be
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Buy | Real Estate News & Insights

A quiet country life seems peaceful compared to urban chaos, right? We learned the hard way that living in the country comes with ups and downs.

I was so excited when I bought my first home, but I started panicking when I realized my finances weren’t what I thought they were.

If you can’t tour a home in person, your agent should show you the exterior—and the yard—from all angles. These are the spots you shouldn’t overlook.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of HOA-run facilities to close. Which begs the

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