Micro Switches and Their Usage: What Are Their Applications:


A micro switch is officially called as a miniature snap-action switch. It is a switch that is operated by a very little amount of force.

It can be seen in usage in home appliances and security systems and in the architecture of major appliances.

Micro switches don’t cost much and hence, expenditure on them is very little. They can handle 10 million cycles before they break down and hence, are very handy and reliable.

They are enduring, have incredible endurance and this makes them very handy in industrial or home appliances and they make the product last long as they themselves last millions of cycles before their final breakdown.

They are very reliable and hence, any kind of circuit can be opened whenever any kind of work needs to be done on them. This improves better functioning and hence, does not hinder the proper application by closing a door when someone is entering.

They come in various designs and with varied properties and usage.

Their Main area of Application includes the following:

  • When very less operation force is required since these work under very less force and execute at a very fast pace.
  • Now, since they work under less work, they last long. The long-lasting nature allows such switches to be used where reliability is needed, i.e., a force that is never excessive nor less but, enough to keep the switch functioning.


  • The ‘push the button in case of emergency’ buttons have such switches in their circuits. These alarms and push buttons need high-speed action under the influence of a very small force. Such situations involving emergency door opening or closing, emergency stop controls or activating a security alarm, involve the usage of a micro switch.
  • Many devices like a card reader, an access control panel to a classified system, or many such detectors will have a proper system installed wherein such switches will activate the alarm when tampered with, making the whole system secured and protected.
  • The elevator control system fully operates under the influence of such micro switches. Since, the buttons include immediate stop, emergency, opening, and closing of door functions, the output needs to be precise and quick.
  • Washing machines also have such micro switches installed in them. These witches are present to turn the machine on and off as per the user determines. Also, the whole control panel is influenced by these switches, and the water depth sensor inside the tank of the washing machine is also controlled by this device.
  • A micro switch unit is also present in the air conditioning units in order to determine if the door panels are shut or are open and also, the reset button has a micro switch enabling the whole air conditioning to reset itself when instructed to do so.
  • In case of refrigerators, they detect if the ice maker is in its desired position or off balance.
  • Microwave ovens have a control panel whose circuit includes these switches. Also, in the case of short circuits, these switches are present to prevent any damage.