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Buying and Selling Land – The Complete Guide to Vacant Land in California and Beyond

About Land

This web site really deals with residential land, including land for sale suitable for splitting. For commercial property, including land suitable for storing equipment and manufacturing you may want to look here

I’ve put this information together mainly because I seem to spend a good deal of my working life explaining to eager buyers that they can’t buy a $100,000 lot, put a $50,000 mobile home on the lot, and end up with a total outlay of $150,000. Also, there are very few books available on buying and selling land. Books on building a home typically start out

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Animal Crossing Turnips Guide: Buy, Sell, And Store Turnips

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has an interesting economy, to say the least. Selling fruit, bugs, fish, and various random items to make a quick bell will get you by for a bit, but you’ll need to get better income sources as your house payments start to balloon and you have to make larger infrastructure improvements around town. You’ll need to make use of the game’s stock market–which is cheekily calls the “stalk market”–in order to make enough money for this. Turnips are one of the best ways to get rich in New Horizons. There will likely be even

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A Beginner’s Guide to Buy, Sell, Exchange of Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency industry has exploded in recent years. In fact, today, the crypto market was valued at USD 1.03 billion by 2019 and it is projected to reach USD 1.40 billion in 2024.

But whilst the crypto market has sparked a lot of interest, there are a lot of people who don’t quite understand the technology behind cryptocurrency and how it works. And for beginners, it can feel very overwhelming with all of the terms and different areas within this large space.

Simply put, cryptocurrency is digital assets that you own after buying them. In your possession, you then have

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Buy-and-Hold Real Estate: An Investor’s Guide

Buy and hold is a long-term real estate investment strategy where a real estate investor buys an investment property with the intent to hold the asset for the considerable future. Along the way, this investor can earn passive income through the rental income on the property and use this cash flow to pay the mortgage. Down the line, investors can even sell the asset for more money, considering that real estate generally increases in value over the years. For this reason, buy and hold is a tried-and-true real estate investing strategy and a solid choice for preserving wealth.


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How to buy and sell a business: a guide for entrepreneurs

You don’t have to start a business from scratch to be an entrepreneur. In fact, buying a business might be a better decision.

Creating, selling, and buying businesses are all part of the entrepreneur’s journey. After starting one business from scratch and selling it, I bought a business that already had revenue, scaled it, and sold it.

Then, I started Hubstaff in 2013. Our growth caught the attention of investors and we’ve talked to several VC’s, but we opted to bootstrap the company instead. We’ve wanted to grow by getting into related markets, but we didn’t have the bandwidth to

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