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Investors could be overplaying the election as a lasting driver of the stock market, history shows

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to reporters during a news conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington, September 18, 2020.

Kevin Lamarque | Reuters

The presidential election is the next known major event ahead of the Wall Street. Investment strategists are busy pushing out political playbooks, most of them starting with something like, “Clients continue to ask us about the implications of the election…” It’s the top-of-mind risk factor cited, a universal excuse for predicting autumnal volatility.

In other words, everyone is likely overplaying the election as a crucial or lasting driver of the

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Investing legend Bill Gross says there is ‘little money to be made’ in the world as stimulus wanes and lists 3 sectors investors should buy to play defense

FILE PHOTO: Billionaire investor Bill Gross listens during the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills


  • Investing legend Bill Gross said there is “little money to be made almost anywhere in the world” in his most recent investment outlook note. 
  • The famed bond and fixed-income investor said that much, if not all of the US fiscal stimulus is over. 
  • Investors should play defense by looking to “shunned sectors” like tobacco, banks, and certain European stocks.

“There is little money to be made almost anywhere in the world – Covid 19 vaccine or no.”

That’s according to legendary

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2 Recent Stock Splits That Investors Won’t Want to Miss

Stock splits are all the rage these days. Tech juggernaut Apple and electric vehicle leader Tesla grabbed headlines in recent weeks by splitting their high-priced stocks to make them more affordable for the average investor, among other reasons. Following the moves, those companies’ valuations flew even higher — until last week’s broad market sell-off — even though splits don’t affect a business’s underlying value one bit.

That’s because stock splits usually don’t do anything other than cut the same pie into more slices. However, there are occasional instances where such a maneuver can create something of value. Such was

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Premarket stocks: US debt is expected to pass 100% of GDP. Investors don’t seem to mind

What’s happening: The Congressional Budget Office projected Wednesday that the federal debt could be bigger than the US gross domestic product for the fiscal year starting in October. It hasn’t passed that threshold since 1946.

The CBO also projected that the federal budget deficit will hit $3.3 trillion this year, more than triple the shortfall recorded in 2019. That would be the largest deficit as a percentage of GDP since 1945.

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Buy-and-Hold Real Estate: An Investor’s Guide

Buy and hold is a long-term real estate investment strategy where a real estate investor buys an investment property with the intent to hold the asset for the considerable future. Along the way, this investor can earn passive income through the rental income on the property and use this cash flow to pay the mortgage. Down the line, investors can even sell the asset for more money, considering that real estate generally increases in value over the years. For this reason, buy and hold is a tried-and-true real estate investing strategy and a solid choice for preserving wealth.


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